Why Metal Business Cards Are Better Than Plastic Business Cards?

There are plenty of options out there for creative ad distinctive business cards. However, because a cool design is quite in demand, that doens't mean that it is right for your industry. Take metal cards for example, they are shiny, metallic and imposing, metal business cards are high finish cards that are more expensive than regular paper cards or even plastic cards and in case, you plan on using a gold or silver plated card be positive it fits your industry. Even in the right industries you may need to wait until you have achieved a vice-president title before splurging for a gold plated card.

First off, metal business cards are ostentatious, showy and filled with ego. Individuals who use such cards need to be ultra-confident ad assured because gold and silver are precious metals that indicate rarity ad value ad in case you cannot back up the bragging of your card you may need to think about another option. Individuals who work in high finance ad international business consulting are ideal candidates for metal cards. When you deal in multi-million dollar contracts ad billion dollar developments it helps to have a calling card that matches the company you keep. Well this is the reason why I suggest that you should look for gold business cards at http://www.puremetalcards.com/

Gold and silver cards are also nice options for individuals who happen to trade in precious metals. Commodity traders might need to separate themselves from other traders by using the material they deal in as the base of their calling card. Gold is trading high these days ad in case you trade in gold or are a gold buyer who melts scrap jewelry then a gold business card is fitting. The same goes for individuals who trade in silver.