Understanding the Lap Band Procedure

The Lap Band weight loss solution is one of the fastest growing bariatric surgeries in North America. Lap Band surgery is technically called laparoscopic gastric banding. The goal of this surgery is to help the patient achieve significant weight loss by limiting the amount of food that the stomach can intake. Other bariatric surgeries involve actually changing the size of the stomach, or bypassing portions of the stomach altogether. Lap Band surgery is different, because it does not cut the stomach at all.Bands in orange county ca  are more effective for band procedure.

This surgery makes the stomach smaller by placing a silicone band around the upper portion of the organ. This band is a hollow tube that is filled with some solution, which makes it completely adjustable. It creates a pouch where the food enters to begin the digestive process. The pouch has an opening that allows the food to flow slowly into the rest of the stomach. This opening can be made depending on the patient's needs by changing the amount of saline in the band.

After the patient is under anesthetic, the physician starts the procedure by making several small incisions into the abdominal wall. The instruments for the surgery are inserted through tubes placed in these incisions. Camera that shows the physician what is happening inside the body. Using small surgical instruments, the band is put in place and secured around the stomach.