Types of Hosting Environments

VPS Hosting 

vps hostingVPS hosting is a virtualized server, and a Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting environment is similar to a dedicated server space located in a shared hosting environment. So a VPS plan is technically dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

This is one of various types of web hosting options available to you. To get your website online, you need to sign up with a web hosting company. Web hosts provide space on their server where your website files reside. A web host is a company that makes your website available on the Internet so that people can see it when they search online.

Setting up and managing your own server can be very expensive and difficult, so purchasing web hosting service allows you to put your website files on a rented web server, allowing you to host your website online. All you to do is upload your website files – you are not required to perform any server setup. 

Web hosting plans vary in the features they offer, how they are setup, and the level of customization you are allowed with each one. Before you sign up for a vps hosting or other web hosting plan, be sure to learn more about their various offers and features. 

There are many different web hosting companies out there, providing different levels of service to businesses and individual clients. Keep in mind that not all web hosting providers are created equal. It is imperative that you do your home work properly before you ultimately choose a web host.