Tips to minimize back pain

Some tips can help you prevent or minimize the occurrence of back aches compiled by

1. Your body is the best gauge to stop when any activity or exercise causes you enormous pain.

2. Organize your work and home office according to your benefit. When sitting use a lumbar support at your waist level, your feet flat on the floor and knees at 90 degrees angle. The middle part of your computer is at your eye-level and the keyboard just above your lap so your arms are 90% or lower.

3. Don’t be a couch potato; get up and move around. Refrain from sitting more than an hour at a time. Take one minute every hour to stretch a different part of your body.

4. When lifting objects, utilize good body mechanics. Do not bend over the waist to pick up things; use your legs — never your back.

5. If you are doing heavy manual labor, rest frequently and do your stretching throughout the day.

6. Stretch yourself daily to prepare for your favorite weekend sports.

7. If you experience a tight neck and hamstrings, they are unneeded pressure on the back. Make sure to stretch all areas of the body.

8. Develop a strong core muscles by simple balance exercises such as standing on one leg for one to two minutes. This exercise will work your abdominal muscles without the need for sit-ups.

9. If you start an exercise routine, begin slowly to allow your body to adapt before increasing time or intensity.

If these preventive measures are not able to keep back aches at bay, visit your physician