Things To Know About Green Energy

So what is green energy? Well, any form of energy which of renewable nature is known as green energy. It is different from traditional forms or energies such as fossil fuels in the sense that unlike fossil fuels, it is naturally replenished.

Over the past few years, the concept of green energy has gained momentum due to the fact that the fossil fuels are depleting very fast and energy producing companies are finding it hard to keep up with the ever increasing energy demands of the human population. So the search for a sustainable source of energy is on. Sunlight, wind, water and other forces of nature can be harnessed to give a clean and sustainable source of green energy. Although the use of solar power and wind energy are gradually gaining popularity, production remains quite low. Less than 20% of the total energy consumed worldwide comes from green energy. Other potential sources of green energy are geothermal energy, tidal energy.

Over the years, the demand for green energy is expected to grow. As the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels are becoming more evident day by day, citizens across the globe will voice their opinion in favor of clean and green energy. Mahée Ferlini mentions about green energy through her pinterest profile. She is an Italian citizen.