The Revolutionary In Sports – Xwerks Ignite Reviews

Xwerks Ignite Reviews

 Paired with a delicious orange flavor, Ignite is truly revolutionary in sports nutrition. Caffeine – Caffeine is a powerful stimulant scientifically proven to increase power output and cardiovascular performance. There is a reason athlete from a broad spectrum of demanding sports such as Crossfit, football, hockey, motocross and more choose Ignite, to take their training to the highest level – Elite. Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) – A protoalkaloid extracted from the bitter orange (sometimes also called Seville or Sour orange).  B6 – Protein metabolism, growth and carbohydrate utilization are all made possible in part by the presence of vitamin B6.  Vitamin B12 – Helps to maintain normal energy levels. Studies on B6 in athletic performance show a definite increased need for athletes and possible performance enhancement from supplementation. It promotes healthy neurological activity, including mental alertness.

Xwerks Ignite Reviews boosts physical and mental performance, along with enhancing recovery from intense-resistance exercise. Rhodiola is also neuroprotective and promotes longevity. It has been used for thousands of years by the Vikings and Chinese, proven for reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. DMAE – Improves memory, concentration and intellectual function. It does this by reducing buildup of what is known as the 'age pigment', which impairs cognitive function and is implicated in the cognitive decline with age. DMAE is a compound that is known as a mind health compound.   It can also increase levels of the compound involved with memory, acetylcholine.