The Day-Off Diet Offers Nutrition Advice But Doesn’t Mention Exercise

What's the best diet plan to lose weight this year? That’s a question we often ask ourselves, and The Day Off Diet may be the solution. Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, losing weight has its advantages. The best, of course, is that you’ll live a healthier lifestyle. This means less time being sick, more energy throughout the day, and even a longer lifespan. Weight loss is about both how you look and how you feel. We recommend you combine the two philosophies and welcome a more bountiful life while following the The Day-Off Diet shopping list.

Before and After Photos

Take a before photo. Seriously. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post it anywhere. But when you start to chuck away the pounds following the The Day-Off Diet, you may very well want to. Go nude if you want, but underwear will do. If you ever need extra motivation to keep yourself trim, go back to the photo and ask yourself if that’s how you intend to look forever.

Limit What You Drink

Avoid soda and other beverages high in sugar. Many other drinks contain calories, including juice and lemonade. Also, avoid wine. It may feel like drinking has no effect on your weight, but the wrong beverage can negate a good diet. Drink water instead. You can add cucumbers or lemons for taste.

Find an Active Lifestyle That’s Fun

Working out can feel like a chore if you’re not naturally athletic. Some exercises are productive, such as walking and bike riding to your destination. Others are downright fun, such as athletics and martial arts. Intense yoga that gets your heart rate pumping can work on another front as well: helping you find inner peace. Look for activities that can become hobbies. A dumbbell is not for everybody, but calisthenics could work just as well. The Day Off Diet doesn't recommend any exercise, but the nutrition plan alone can help you lose weight quickly.