The Best Way To Teach A Jack Russell To Sit

We teach our dogs various commands so that they learn good behavioral traits. Sit is the most basic dog command there is and it's probably one of the first things your Jack Russell will learn besides its name.

It comes in handy for preventing many problem behaviors common to Jack Russells, like jumping up in visitors and suddenly bolting regarding no apparent reason. These are simple, step-by-step instructions for teaching a Jack Russell to stay.

1. Find a treat your dog likes. This may be a food treat, or it may be a toy or game. If you want on using a toy like a reward, be aware that this will probably increase the volume of time you spend training, as it takes longer to play a game than quickly gobble a certain amount of dog biscuit. But you should use whatever reward your dog responds to most. You can check over to see more methods for handling your Jack Russell.

2. Find a quiet place without any distractions for starters. Have several pieces of the treat ready to go. Take a small piece in the treat, and hold it looking at your JRT to get his or her attention. Hold it in front of his nose – here he may start to lick for your fingers. That's fine, but don't give him the treat just yet.

3. Slowly draw the handle up and backwards. You should be aiming to maneuver it along an imaginary line from the tip of your dog's nose to the center of the forehead.