How To Train A Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are smart, independent and strong willed little dogs with a lot of personality. Some common Jack Russell Terrier issues are: Digging, hyperactivity, chasing, pet aggression and barking.

Because of the independent nature of Jack Russells it's important that you establish yourself as a robust leader. The stronger the leader you happen to be the better your Jack Russell will hear you.

Start training your Jack Russell early. If you have a pup start training early, as young as eight weeks old. Use positive reinforcement to learn. Too many negatives when you are training may result in aggressive behavior.

If you get a Jack Russell like a pup socialize your new pup if you can ,. Bring your puppy to some sort of puppy class, let your pup play with other puppies, bring her on the beach, the city, the timber, around as many different people as it can be. The better you are at socializing your pup greater stable she will be as an adult. You can also buy jack russell terrier puppies for sale via

Jack Russells need exercise. They have a lot of stamina and too much pent up energy will result in a lot of behavior issues. Most Jack Russells love to help roam and run and search. Because of this it is a good idea to fence in your yard or invest in some type of underground electronic fence.

A Jack Russell like any other canine breed is a long term commitment and you simply must provide enough exercise, training and activity just for this busy little bred.

Is a Jack Russell Terrier the Right Breed For You?

Are you wondering of getting a Jack Russell Terrier for yourself? Do you wonder that is it a working dog or not? Yes, one cannot deny that the jack russell terrier is primarily a working terrier. But despite that, these sturdy, spirited and absolutely fearless dogs can also become loving, perky, devoted and friendly additional member of the family. For more tips, you can visit sites like or search online.

The jack russell terrier methods between ten to fifteen inches at the withers with the body length proportioned towards the height. The coat may very well be smooth, broken or rough coat that is dominantly white with black color and/or tan markings. Show ring necessitates tails that are arranged high and docked to be able to approximately four to five inches long to provide a good hand-hold intended for gripping the terrier. Like a working terrier, one of the extremely important characteristics of any jack russell terrier is the chest size. It should be small enough to encourage the dog to enter and also work in burrows.

Jack port russell terriers are totally fearless, intelligent, athletic and also vocal dogs. Those characteristics made them ideal for hunting ground-dwelling creatures such as groundhog, badger as nicely as red and bleak fox. But despite of the strong hunting instincts, owners or potential jack russell owners need not be afraid of that breed. With proper conformity training and socialization, jacks may become friendly and kind actually to children. Just make sure you teach the kids to not tease or strike canine.