Nootropics Like Addium Were First Popularized By The Limitless Movie

The premise of the movie “Limitless”, starring Bradley Cooper, is based on the common myth that we only use 20% of our brains. In the film Cooper's character takes designer drug NZT-48 which propels him to 100% usage, giving him superhuman cognitive functionality and catapulting him to the heights of success. But this is just a movie with a flawed central premise, some light entertainment using nootropics as a plot device.

In reality nootropics are a new and uncharted pharmaceutical market which has itself yet to reach the limits of its potential. In a competitive world where staying one step ahead is vital – from those racing to meet a tight work deadline, to students striving to maintain high grades, to professionals looking for that extra edge over their competitors – smart drugs like Addium are a tantalising option. And why wouldn't they be? Limitless pills promise heightened cognitive functions such as memory retention, accelerated learning, extended attention, an increase in motivation, a boost in alertness and improved productivity.

Yet, what is the best we can expect from these limitless pills? Individuals will respond differently to various substances and though nootropics have been around since the 1960s they have not been extensively trialled. The general wisdom on how to proceed is to experiment with small doses, tracking personal data and recording reactions. There are useful subreddits that give feedback on people's varied responses, methods of intake and general feedback on various drugs.

Like any medication they are not without a range of potential negative side-effects such as headaches, muscular fatigue, nausea, drowsiness, just to name a few. Highlighting the need for close monitoring and educated intake.

The best advice for success is always entwined with a good diet, exercise and a healthy outlook. Nootropics, like the Addium limitless pill, can indeed provide that extra boost if they are incorporated into an already flourishing lifestyle.