New SEO On-Page and Off-Page Techniques Revealed

Are you searching to enhance SEO by way of keyword optimization? Here are a few techniques that will aid optimize your blog through On-Page SEO techniques that are as important as Off-page seo. On-Page SEO especially handles the optimization of the content based on the specific keyword.

Title of the blog post

The most important element in a post that determines the success with regards to search engine rankings may be the blog post title. The primary keyword must be seen in the post title. While doing so, we should not include keywords more than a particular limit with the goal of improving the search rankings. You can also consult tcs digital marketing to leanr about PPC and other digital marketing techniques. 

Blog Post URL

The URL of the post must consist of the targeted keyword. Especially the keyword should be as part of the beginning of the WEBSITE address. Things to avoid inside a blog URL is this presence of special personas, brackets, symbols and commas and so on. You can use characters and numbers along with dashes that helps in differentiating both separate strings in the URL structure inside a blog.

Inserting Heading Tag cloud

It is desirable that you simply use heading tags for highlighting tips, headings and sub-headings. However ensure you don't make use of H2 and H3 tags in most situations since it would be looked at as a negative SEO practice.