Modern Day Miracle Workers

All fields of medicine have evolved in the past century, and it seems that some of the issues which left our ancestors baffled, are not dealt with ease. Routine procedures and elementary medication solves most of the problems which were considered untreatable in the past, as scientific research and technological breakthroughs made all sorts of innovations possible, allowing the doctors and the pharmacists to use the benefits of microscopes, computers, sophisticated lab equipment, and so on. What can be performed today, in an average small clinic, would be considered a miracle only a century ago, as the progress made in medicine is astounding.

One of the areas of medicine which made leaps and bounds in progress is ophthalmology. Various eye conditions and vision issues were once considered “normal” and one of the unpreventable and unstoppable signs of getting old. As an example, things like cataracts or astigmatism were diagnosed, but left untacked, as there were no technology back then, which allows any sorts of eye surgery procedures, which could have treated such conditions. With the modern lasers and high quality optical lenses, doctors perform millions of routine eye surgeries a year, and restore the vision to its optimal state, correcting various different vision problems and issues.