Life Coaching: Your Guide To Success

Life Coaching is a relevantly new discipline which draws from existing areas of expertise including psychology, social work, sociology and communications. The primary aim of a life coach is to provide a person with the necessary guidance in the setting and achieving of goals relating to both the personal and public life. A life coach therefore differs from a therapist who tries to find solutions to psychological and cognitive anguishes, by rather focusing on helping someone achieve success and fulfillment.

Although a relatively new profession, it has established itself in various areas of expertise, with life coaches currently available for different areas of one’s life, including relationship coaches, business coaches and social coaches; however the specialization of a coach into of these areas is still very limited, with most coaches covering most to all areas of expertise’s.

Because of its varied interpretations and approaches, life coaching is quite a deregulated industry, with very little formal structures to oversee its successful and regulated operations. The result is that most life coaches are frowned upon by more professionally qualified mentoring professions such as therapists or psychologists – many of these professions view life coaching as means for unqualified people interested in these professions, to practice without a license. By the way, if you are living around the Odense City, you can contact a Danish life-coach who is coaching in Odense City for any help regarding anxiety, depression etc.