Learn To Read Quran in Arabic

When it comes to naming the most mystical and enlightening language in the world. The one and only language that surpasses all others is Arabic. 

Arabic with its Arabic abjad or script consisting of 28 letters, is a sixth century language belonging to afrosiatic family. Spoken buy 420 million people across the globe, it also happens to be the liturgical language of nearly 1.6 billion Muslims. And because of this, it has been designated as one of the 6 official languages of UN. 

Where one starts by learning Arabic for beginners and goes on to learn its tajweed as one progresses with the course. Some well known sites that offer Arabic classes for free are Duolingo, Live mocha, Open culture and Babbel. All these sites have a well planned course curriculum with varied difficulty levels and interesting learning methods to keep you going. Most of them offer pronunciation lessons along with teaching you how to read and write in Arabic. 

Another way by which a person can polish his Arabic skills along with these websites is by use of Skype. Where a person can chat face to face with other students or some native Arabic speaker to learn the minute details of pronunciation that might not be understood online.

So register yourself today at one of these sites and learn Arabic. And also know how to read Quran in Arabic in order to understand the enlightening quotes written in it. And change your life for good.

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