JD launches first 10K resolution TV sets in worldwide

Now, 4K resolution TV sets are very popular, even some smart phones have already started to adopt 4K resolution screen. Some supplier also launched products with 8K resolution screen, but the cost is too high, so we can not see in market. Of course, 8K resolution is not the end. Recently, JD from China launches one 82 inch display with 10K resolution. Till now, it is the first LCD screen with 10K resolution. 

The resolution of this JD display is 10240*4320 pixels. Screen ratio is 21:9. Its definition is 21 times of most TV sets in market. Its color range is as high as 90%. 

Except this 82 inch TV set, JD also displayed its 4.7, 5.5 and 12.5 inch screen. Resolution is 3820*2160 pixels. Those screens are mostly for smart phones and tablets pc. In meanwhile, we also saw one 110 inch screen from JD, its resolution is 8K*4K. Till now, it is biggest screen with 8K*4K resolution. 

Now, the resolution of screen is getting higher, no matter smart phones, tablets or TV sets. It can provide us better visual experiece, but it also needs a high performance CPU and GPU to have a better operation system. Qualcomm, Allwinner, Intel, Samsung are working on their new CPU and GPU.