Importance Of Fitness Training To Stay Fit

Staying fit takes hard work, sweat and determination. For many people trying to break through and start regular schedule of healthy exercise, the task is difficult without some guiding principles.

To be able to write basic as well as advanced training programs your strength and conditioning coach must understand the FITT Principle. You can get more information about fitness and fitness trainers via website online.

As a trainer we must always remember these principles.

The FITT Principle stands for:

-Frequency: Frequency is the amount of days per week that you are on a piece of cardio machinery.

-Intensity: Intensity is how hard you are performing the exercise.

-Time: Time is the amount of time you are on a machine for that particular exercise.

-Type: Type is the type of machine that you are using in the exercise.

The FITT principle doesn’t just apply to weight training, but also to stretching, cardio.  You can make the best choice of your trainers by these principles.

In order to create customized, personal training programs the trainer must recognize the interactions of nervous system and the entire kinetic chain. This means that we as trainers must be aware of the clients Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System.

When training someone you must be aware of this, and change your program so that the person may adapt to a new set of exercise and make real gains out of it.

We want our clients to progress, and not be that staple of the gym that has been doing that same set of exercise for years and looks exactly same as before.