How do I go about protecting my lone workers with GPS technology?

There are a number of companies and solutions that design tools and software for lone worker protection and safety. Personal alarms can provide lone workers with the backup and peace of mind that they need in order to focus on their work instead of thinking about the potential problems. They enable anyone who works alone to summon help rapidly in the event of an incident that threatens their wellbeing.

Using personal safety alarms or mobile phone software downloads and apps, lone workers can communicate with an alarm receiving centre 24 hours a day. These pocket-sized devices often feature one or two-way voice communications, memo function and ‘Man Down’ – a fall detector that automatically raises an alarm in the event of a trip, slip or fall.

With the introduction and addition of GPD technology, employers can track their staff by logging in to a secure online account and viewing the location on a map. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, the position of the device is instantly relayed to the alarm receiving centre and the controllers can guide the appropriate emergency services to the exact location with minimal fuss.

Providing the personal safety alarms to the lone workers also help fulfil employer’s Duty of Care and protect organizations from potentially disastrous prosecution. This can limit or avoid the huge cost of loss of, or damage to physical business assets by enabling employees to summon fast, effective backup in the event of an incident. What’s more, these solutions are proven to help increase the morale and staff confidence knowing that if they need any help, there are highly trained professionals that are on call at all the times to help them in any kind of emergency.