Health Issues Due To Smoking

Heath issue related to smoking are continuously increasing. Government authorities and many heath institutes are running campaigns to aware people about the various health problems caused by the smoking.

Here in this article I am also discussing some of the diseases that are caused by the smoking. If you are a regular smoker then reading this article will give you reasons to quit smoking.

Smoking leads to increase in acid secretion which causes heartburns and ulcers thus affecting our whole digestive system. You can learn more here about digestive problems caused by smoking.

Smoking also interfere with the blood circulation which can sometimes leads to heart attacks.

In some smoker, smoking has also been linked to gallstones. These are formed due to the liquid that is stored in the gallbladder gets hard due to lack of oxygen.

There has been number of cases of liver damage due to smoking. Researches show that people who drink alcohol and also smoke are more prone to liver damage.

Kidneys are also affected by the smoking. Smoking increases blood pressure and damage blood vessels. When the blood vessels of the kidney got damaged then it affects the kidneys ability to remove waste and excessive fluid.

Now you have well understood that why it is always suggested to stop smoking. You might be thinking now that how can I start my journey to quit smoking.

Well!! For this I will suggest you to use electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is very effective for smokers, who find it difficult to quit smoking immediately.