Hanging a Picture without a Frame

Many people do not prefer the concept of hanging a picture without a frame. But, this can be a great think to display your pictures and photos depending on the situation. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you want to have a picture without a frame. This are-

Canvas does not require a frame. Many people opt to put a picture frame on canvas that is not required. It depends upon your personality, but unframed canvas can give it much more of a simple artistic style and not take away from the picture itself. This is a great idea for art galleries and other places within the house where you are looking for a true artistic feel. Visit arttoframe  to know latest trends about hanging a picture.

In some cases a photo can look good by directly placing it on the top of a mat. Having a matted picture is even a look that some people prefer and can look fantastic with a black and white photo. Collage pictures do not require picture frames. A frame can enhance the collage. If you are trying to combine multiple photos together on a single mat then you might want to consider purchasing a collage frame. Any artwork you use is most likely need to go in a collage picture frame.