Functional Shoe Brands Which Don’t Give Up on Style

For many of us, shoes create a statement and while black and brown shoes are possibly the most wearer-friendly, new colors and textures can definitely add interest to our style.

One of the various shoe brands you can take your pick from studded shoes, shoes with buckles, fringes, laces or pull-on’s; you will love something from every brand, from glossy shoes to sneakers rich and elaborate in design.

The Season’s Trendiest Footwear

Jessica Simpson – a popular shoe manufacturer that Jessica Simpson wants her trend followers to love. Portraying a fashion-forward picture, her shoe range is available and comfortable and ideal for every occasion.

From ankle boots to pumps, high heels, wedges and sandals, and from plain to completely racy in extraordinary colors, her shoes have only been inspired by daring and fun. For more information about the best shoe companies, you can check out via the web.

Nike – this global famous shoe manufacturer is worn with top athletes and everyday men and women. Famous for their lightweight durability, this sports shoe manufacturer, endorsed by world-renowned soccer player Ronaldo, is all about outstanding comfort, foot support, and great looks.

Gucci – an outstanding Luxury Italian manufacturer. Made from real leather, the Gucci loafer is well known for its superb relaxation and is popular with discerning businessmen the world over who want to have any playboy glamour added to their own style.

Since 1921, top shoe manufacturers such as Gucci represents opulence and glamour. High heels, shoes, loafers, wedges, boots and sandals, Gucci shoes are all about indulging your opulent fashion sense.