Eye Surgery For Patients With Thinner Cornea

When you come to an eye clinic, you will be presented with numerous procedures and methods to treat your condition. Modern medicine has evolved greatly, and can now offer various procedures to treat the same problem, allowing the patient, and the doctor, to choose the optimal solution for each patient, as we are all different. The eye issues may differ greatly, and the same procedure might not be the best option for various patients suffering from the same problem. As an example, LASIK eye surgery may be the best choice for someone who doesn’t have drier eyes, and whose cornea can be flapped without causing any other problems. But for the patients with thinner corneas, this operation might not be ideal, as the flap might cause a series of related problems.

ReLEx Smile eye surgery procedure is the best choice for any such patients, as it only makes a small incision on the cornea, which makes this procedure completely flapless. With no flap created, the patient’s cornea will remain undamaged, and the risk of dry eyes or infection is reduced to an absolute minimum. As the procedure in not invasive at all, the recovery period is also painless, and takes less time. See the details on where the procedure can be performed.