Does Video2mp3 Have Any Disadvantage?

youtube to mp3There are some well known websites from which you can download the educational videos or jogging videos. But it happens that you need this in mp3 format. What will you do then? It is wise to get an application so that you can convert youtube to mp3 at your convenience. There is one such application namely YouTube-MP3. This is a web based app that can turn your YouTube video to MP3 within seconds and you can grab the converted file within few minutes. It can also be used in the mobile platforms, and works normally on iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Remember, there is one disadvantage of this app that is it you cannot use it on Chrome browser for it has been warned by Google. Otherwise all are okay with it.

If you want more there is another such application namely video2mp3. It can be utilized according to your wish and works very fast to convert youtube to mp3. It works like the other converters and this can also rip MP3 audio from video within minutes depending on one’s internet speed and video file size. There is one thing associated with it that is this app stops working and makes your browser crashes sometimes. So be careful while you are using this application in your device.