Different Types of TV Panel

When you are shopping for a new TV, have you ever think about what is flat panel TV? Well, to be honest people rarely take panel type as consideration to buy TV; even to a small TV at 32 inch to bigger screen, like 60 in vizio and above. People like to see the design, its feature, its manufacturer and of course the price before buy a TV. Casual.

Let`s be smart shopper

It is not necessary, but imagines if you buy a 32 inch TV which eventually is more expensive than market place. Will you pay it? So, let`s see the different types of TV panels to give you broaden view when choose your new TV later.

1. Plasma Panels

Plasma is no longer everyone`s favorite because it needs more heat generation which means more power which means it is not eco-friendly. But the good thing is it`s cheaper than other panel type.

2. LCD Panels

This is the most commonly used panel type for today`s TV. This panel has low heat generation, no image burn, better brightness and lighter. But this panel has problem with fast-moving images which make your TV viewing experience less awesome.

3. In-Plane Switching (IPS)

It is upgraded version of ordinary LCD. The LCD panels with IPS have broad viewing angle to support more dramatic TV viewing experience. Most of today`s smartphone comes with IPS screen too.

4. LED Backlighting

This panel consumes less power, better contrast level, better brightness and better backlighting. But they are slightly pricey.

5. OLED Displays

This is organic display that is thin, light and need no backlighting. So it has awesome contrast ratio to provide images that are close to its real look. The only flaw from this panel is its price.

So, how to choose the best one?

It depends on your need, your style, your reference and of curse your budget. There are several online websites which can help you with 32 inch TVs e.g. Exim Designs.