Diatomaceous Earth – The Fossilized Rock Powder

The Diatomaceous earth is usually made from the diatomaceous rock which is rich in the silica. These rocks are formed by the decompositionof the diatoms. These diatoms are the form of unique algae. These are the type of species that have single cell and it tends to bear hard shell.  These are the rocks that are made up of the microscopic cell walls. The silica supplement that is available in the diatomaceous earth is used in several industrial sectors.

The main characteristic of the DE is that is soft and porous. Its particle size is usually between the 10 and 200 microns. It is also considered as good in its consistency. It can also be used in various types of filtration processes due to its porous nature. It has the best application in the filtration industry. The DE powder has the hollow particles that help to make it soft. There are also certain filters that are treated using the diatomaceous filters. These filters are also used in the chemical laboratories that are used to perform advanced filtration.

The important application of the diatomaceous earth is that they are used for natural mineral insecticide. It can also be used in filtration as it contains some amount of silica.