Dent Repair For The Eco-Friendly Driver

Now you can save your vehicle and save the environment simultaneously! With a process known as "paintless" dent repair (PDR), skilled technicians remove dents from a vehicle without the application of body fillers or painting. Include, consumers, as well as vehicle insurance companies, are realizing the important things about this revolutionary process.

Paintless Dimple Repair preserves the vehicle's price, saves money by eliminating the money necessary for paint supplies, and saves the environment by reducing the number of harmful vapors and toxic paint waste which can be introduced into the environment. You can also contact orlando auto body shop via

The Paintless Dent Repair method was originally employed by Mercedes Benz in Germany and is the most affordable and time saving way to have your vehicle restored to it is pre-damaged condition. It also permits you to restore your vehicle's value in addition to appearance while preserving the world's ecosystem. Since the repair of your dent will not require almost any auto paint, body fillers, or sanding work, paintless dent removal is among the most environmentally sound options now available in the auto repair sector. By using the paintless system for dent removal, you might get your car back to it is original shape without worrying about adding any further harmful chemicals into the setting or using more energy than is important.

With the guaranteed workmanship of your approved paintless dent repair specialist, you can expect your car to go back to its former condition and stay that way. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you preserved your vehicle's value in addition to the environment.