A Guide to Skull Jewelry

Skull Jewellery attracts into someone’s fear of fatality and awe about of the unidentified. Little marvel that no other icons are so popular or look so radical on Jewellery.

An Androgynous sign

A common misunderstanding about skull earrings is the fact that only men find such designs captivating. While that may have been true before, that is clearly a complete misconception today.

The real human skull is androgynous, being just as much an integral part of women’s anatomy as it is part of men’s. Nowadays, skulls charm to both genders.

What identifies someone’s like or dislike for Gothic charms is his / her personality, not gender. If you are looking for skull rings, then you can check out via


Other than the original silver skull wedding ring, skull designs have found their way onto a multitude of other rings, such as pendants, bracelets, dog tags, earrings and anklets.

Although it such a genre is not at all something you deem well suited for normal work wear, adding a few skulls to you in any other case unremarkable selection of classic earrings is an excellent and novel idea.

They lead to stylish, fashionable Halloween accessories, & are pretty much mandatory for accessibility to popular hard rock and roll and Gothic material concerts.