A Brief History Of The Weight Watchers Program

Weight watchers were founded by an overweight person named Nidetch born in the year 1923 in New York. At one time she could reduce her weight by 9 kgs. But she was bothered about her weak resolve to lose weight and therefore she formed a support group with the help of her friends. After the formation of this group known as weight watchers in the year 1963, there were weekly support classes intended to help those who try to reduce their body weight.

In the year 1978, a food company named H. J. Heinz purchased weight watchers. The founder of weight watcher was still a consultant and numerous scholarships and other helps were instituted by the founder. The weight watchers association focused its attention on reduction of body weight through regular monitoring and encouragement through self help groups. The top most aim of weight watchers is to reduce the body weight to the level of body mass index. Weight watcher considers body mass index between 20 and 25 as the ideal weight of a person and such a person is considered to be in the ideal weight range. A person with a body mass index below 20 is considered as lean person and a person with a body mass index above 25 is considered as a fat man. To know more about weight watchers online program you can visit their website.